Who Is Nichols Guiding Service

Nichols Guiding Service is a full time year round outfitting and guiding service in the state of Arizona. We are family owned and operated. We are fully licensed, insured and permitted to guide on the 1.6 million acre Fort Apache Indian Reservation and the U S Forest Service land.  We frequently conduct our camps from private ranches throughout the state.

We are very fortunate to have a crew of guides that are highly qualified and are dedicated to giving each and every hunter the best chance of a successful hunt. All of our guides are family and friends who are devoted in helping every one in camp be successful and ensuring that the hunt is enjoyable and memorable.

We believe that there are many ways to make a hunt successful. One of the most important things is scouting. Prior to each and every hunt we will have sometimes up to several weeks involved into scouting. When you are dealing with different times of the season, is it very important to know the locations of the areas that are away from pressure and the areas that are unfamiliar to most hunters. Depending on the game being hunted, determines the area and type of scouting which is needed.

Over the years we have had the pleasure of having many wonderful guests in our camps, which has in turn resulted in many great friendships. The experience of our clients ranges from those who are coming out on their very first big game hunt to the seasoned hunter that simply does not have the time to scout. We understand the importance of relying on your outfitter. We want to make sure that at the end of your hunt, you are confident that you have made the right decision. We look forward to each new season and hope to have you in camp!

About Our Hunts

The White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation has excellent hunting for most all of Arizonas big game species and the bear hunting is no exception. There is true potential of harvesting a world class animal. Bears come in many color phases: Black, Chocolate, Cinnamon and Blonde. We hunt these bears April through August and again in October.

The mountain lion is a magnificent trophy but an extremely elusive one, requiring the aid of well trained hounds. We specialize in hunting lions on dry ground without any need for snow. Depending on the area we hunt can determine how we hunt. We use 4x4 trucks to cover country looking for tracks,also good ol foot work is always something that can be expected and we have an excellent string of riding and packing mules that we use to travel the canyons, bluffs and ridges while looking for lion tracks.

The Coues deer has become an extremely desired trophy animal. Arizona has great habitat for these deer and as a result very high numbers of them. We hunt these deer in the months of October, November and December.